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Four measures to provide basic infrastructure 'combos' more excluded

How to move from consensus to action?

Although Fonie is a powerful tool on paper, in reality the results have not been as expected. Two transfers for S/182 million were approved in 2013, but no "combo" with the four services is still being financed. If we want the infrastructure combos to reach the poorest, we must change the operating strategy of the Fonie. The concrete proposal is that, in the first place, Midis signs an agreement with ProInversión so that it is in charge of defining the criteria of prioritization and programming of interventions aimed at ensuring combos; Secondly, that ProInversión will be in charge of identifying the combos that are missing to implement; And finally, that ProInversión contributes to the formulation of the preinvestment studies of prioritized combos and the auction of large-scale combos for the private sector.

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