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Proposal to improve minimum wage policy in Peru

Four measures to face the lack of qualified workforce


Demand for qualified workers is on the rise and so is the supply of professional workers. Despite this, half of the college graduates is sub-employed and companies are having an increasingly hard time recruiting new staff members. APOYO Consultoría has identified the causes of this situation and proposes four specific measures to tackle the problem.

Our proposal includes the steps required for the implementation of the suggested measures, the parties involved in carrying out the procedures, and the legal instruments that are needed to set the measure in motion. 

For the design of this proposal, Hugo Santa María, José Carlos Saavedra, and Andrea Gonzales-Vigil have consulted with multiple experts, public authorities, and private sector representatives, as well as analyzed international experiences and related publications.  In addition, our team is contacting involved institutions in order to explain our proposal and promote the suggested measures as a way of increasing and improving investment in human capital.