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Proposal to improve minimum wage policy in Peru

Four measures to improve infrastructure efficiently and sustainably


One of the main problems that Peru currently faces is the deficit of public infrastructure and its resulting effect on the quantity and quality of services provided by the State. This situation negatively affects the life conditions of Peruvians and the entire country’s competitiveness level. In order to tackle this problem, APOYO Consultoria has developed its second Policy Proposal: “Four measures to improve infrastructure efficiently and sustainably”.

In this proposal, we analyze the main causes of this situation, which all related to the insufficiency of public resources and to inadequate investment management practices. In order to solve these problems, the proposed measures rely on two mechanisms: Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and co-financed private initiatives.

For the design of this proposal, Hugo Santa María, José Luis Escaffi, José Carlos Saavedra, and Andrea Gonzales-Vigil have consulted with multiple experts, public authorities, and private sector representatives. We expect this effort will help implement the measures required for promoting private participation in infrastructure and public services, thus allowing the State to invest more, better, and accelerating the infrastructure deficit sustainably.