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APOYO Consultoría

is the leading firm in business advisory services in economics, finance, business and public administration

Our Organization

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The development of professional assignments that require multidisciplinary teams is common practice in APOYO Consultoria.

Economic Studies

The Business Advisory Service (SAE) of APOYO Consultoria provides thorough and up-to-date analysis of the Peruvian economy, its business environment, as well as its main opportunities and risks.

Subscribers to SAE are entitled to participate in meetings, receive written material and advisory services from APOYO Consultoria’s staff members.

Facts and figures:
• 35 years of experience as the leading economic analysis service in Peru
• 300+ leading companies are clients
• Clients’ sales account for more than 35% of Peru’s GDP  
• 550+ executives from the top Peruvian companies participate in monthly SAE meetings

Applied Economics

This division designs and implements solutions for cases that require intensive economic analysis based on a profound knowledge of microeconomic theory and advanced quantitative and qualitative techniques. The Applied Economics division has advised private companies and public organizations in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. In all cases, it has offered its expert advice to strategic decision-making processes.

Its team is complemented with external consultants who are experts in other fields.

Facts and figures:

  • +70 competitiveness studies and public policies
  • +15 tax policy analysis
  • +80 regulation studies
  • +60 antitrust cases and antitrust compliance assessments 
  • +30 experts’ economics opinion and damage estimation
  • +40 demand studies
  • +30 economic contribution studies
  • +30 baseline and impact evaluation studies

Corporate Finance

APOYO Finanzas Corporativas provides investment banking services and independent financial advice to family-owned companies as well as to  corporate conglomerates, deploying high standards of quality, professionalism, integrity and the objective of optimizing returns. Specifically, it offers M&A, debt structuring and financial advisory services.

APOYO Finanzas Corporativas is a member of Oaklins (, the largest network of investment banking boutiques with 45 partners worldwide, and which during the last six years has successfully closed more than 1,400 transactions with a total deal value of US$75 billion. As a member of this network, we enjoy access to the international experience of more than 650 investment banking professionals across the globe. Being part of Oaklins enables APOYO Finanzas Corporativas to broaden its network with players from across the globe.

Data and figures:
US$4,000+ million successfully executed in M&A transactions
140+ valuations for a total consideration of US$13,800+ million.
• Advisory in concession processes with both Proinversion and private investors.

Management Consulting

Provides advice on strategic decision-making to improve its clients' profitability in a sustainable way.

Facts and figures

• 135+ strategic plans.
• 240+ growth opportunities identified.
• Development of 30+ business plans.
• 20+ commercial strategy projects.
• 55+ projects in organizational design and governance models.
• Operational improvement and process redesign in 25+ companies.
• Assignments in 12 Latin American countries.
• Advisory services to approximately 40% of the top 100 companies in Peru.

Public Management

AC Publica provides consulting services in public management and in the design and implementation of public development projects in the areas of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Our consulting services in public management are provided within the framework of state modernization policies, which recognize citizens as a final and main objective. The components of modern management are the following: public policies, strategic and operational plans; management and budgeting for results; process management; meritocratic civil service; as well as information systems, monitoring evaluation, and knowledge management. AC Publica has experience as advisor in each of these fields.

Our services for the design and implementation of development projects in the areas of CSR are based on the extensive experience of AC Publica in promoting private sector participation in public investment through mechanisms such as Works for Taxes (WfT) and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).


  • Technical assistance to 30+ regional and local governments

  • Preparation of 300+ technical datasheets and studies regarding productive development and infrastructure projects

  • Management of 18+ investment projects in numerous sectors, under the Works for Taxes framework, including a S/3,500 million project

  • Advisory for the submittal of 25+ co-financed private initiatives to Proinversión
  • Design and evaluation of 16+ plans for public institutions and non-profit organizations

  • Development of instruments for the monitoring and evaluation of 20+ social programs

Investment Management

AC Capitales SAFI is one of the main investment fund managers in Peru. As of December 2017, AC Capitales SAFI had executed more than 58 investments for US$490 million and handled more than 35 exits. In addition, to the same date, AC Capitales SAFI had distributed over US$430 million in dividends among its investors. 

Our vision is to build a management platform for long-term investments in real assets, based on the trust that the firm’s integrity inspires, the respect and recognition earned over time, the quality of our professional team, the soundness of our investment strategies and products, as well as our track-record and results.

The asset management services provided by AC Capitales SAFI are mainly focused on institutional or specialized investors, such as pension funds, insurance companies, multilateral investment agencies and offices managing high net-worth individuals or families.

Our team has:
• Carried out 7 fundraising processes, for an accumulated total of US$460 million.
• Executed 58+ investments in several companies and real-estate assets.
• Successfully executed 35+ exits with returns greater than the market average for its investors.