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Regulation, antitrust and experts’ economic opinions

Antitrust studies

We study market conditions and commercial practices of companies to evaluate the existence of anticompetitive behaviors - such as abuse of dominance and collusion -, analyze the possible effects on competition of mergers and acquisitions processes, or, to establish guidelines that companies should continue to avoid engaging in potentially anti-competitive practices.

As part of these assignments, we identify the possible effects of these behaviors on the market price and consumer welfare are, in order to estimate a possible applicable sanction and the economic damage caused.

We have carried out studies in Peru, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic on more than 20 cases of price agreement, market distribution, price discrimination, exclusivity contracts, vertical restrictions, unjustified refusals of treatment, predatory prices, merger control in the electricity sector, as well as studies for the diagnosis of commercial practices and guidelines for compliance with free competition regulations.


Since 2015, the area of Economic Consulting has provided advice in the analysis of trends in prices and modifications of possible limitations in more than ten cases of free competition investigated by the Peruvian competition authority (Indecopi). Throughout these processes, you must have an impartial and active manner in dialogues with Indecopi to define specific methodologies and approaches, in line with the available information, both to assess whether the alleged anti-competitive practices effectively affected, and to estimate the alleged benefit Illicit and damage affected by them.

In addition, competence studies, such as the diagnosis of business practices and the development of compliance programs, have been carried out for companies in different sectors, such as transport, food and beverage infrastructure, telecommunications, media, fishing and energy.

Specific cases:

  • Advice for the evaluation of economic indications and evaluation of fine in the framework of Indecopi research in the markets of toilet paper, pharmaceutical products, transportation of rolling cargo and fuels.
  • Diagnosis of the main business practices of companies in the food, beverage and fishing sectors.
  • Compliance programs with free competition regulations for mass consumption companies.
  • Analysis of the possible effects on the market of concentration operations in the electricity sector.

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