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Regulation, antitrust and experts’ economic opinions

Antitrust studies

We study market conditions and corporate practices in order to assess the existence of anti-competitive practices such as abuse of dominant position and collusive practices, and to establish guidelines that companies with market power should follow to prevent potentially anti-competitive practices. As part of these studies, we identify the possible effects of such practices on market prices and consumer welfare as an input for the estimation of the resulting economic damage and the applicable sanction.

We have undertaken studies of markets in Peru, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic, relative to approximately 15 cases characterized by price discrimination, exclusive agreements, vertical restrictions, arbitrary refusals to deal, predatory pricing, price collusion, and collusive tendering.


The Applied Economics division of APOYO Consultoria has been involved in five of the six antitrust cases initiated by Indecopi in the last two years, addressing pricing issues and estimating possible sanctions. Throughout these processes, we have had an impartial participation and an active dialogue with Indecopi for the purpose of defining adequate methodologies and approaches, in line with available information, to evaluate if the alleged anticompetitive practices were in effect undertaken and to estimate the alleged damage stemming from such practices.

In addition, we have carried out several competition studies in relation to different sectors, such as the transport infrastructure, telecommunications, mass media, and energy sectors.

Specific cases:

  • Intra-port competition study of the loading and unloading of containers services in the Port of Callao.
  • Analysis of informality levels in the cable TV market and its effects on the competition dynamics of that market.
  • Technical and independent opinion regarding concentration and competition in the mass media market.
  • Analysis of possible effects of a market concentration transaction in the electricity sector.

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