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Regulation, antitrust and experts’ economic opinions

Merger control

We accompany the most prestigious law firms on antitrust and merger issues based on a highly qualified economic analysis provided by our team of experts.

Our track record of more than 10 years of experience has allowed us to develop a comprehensive approach to competition that supports all phases of the process. We have been economic advisers in most of the concentration operations evaluated by Indecopi. We have the most relevant experience in the market, supported by the expertise of our team in free competition and mergers combined with a deep knowledge of the dynamics of the productive sectors.

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Our approach

Investment intention

Evaluation of competition risks for investment alternatives (sell side or buy side).

Notification to the authority

Preparation of primary information, identification of market characteristics and operation efficiencies, anticipation of the authority's conclusions, among others.

Evaluation by the authority

  • Preparation of economic opinion reports on the effects and efficiencies of the operation.
  • Presentation of conclusions before the authority.

Solution of identified risks

Proactive advice on alternative solutions to the risks identified by the authority and prioritization of proposed solutions.

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