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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project development

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project development

We provide advice to private companies in the development of public development projects that can improve living conditions in their area of influence.


Technical Assistance to the Regional Government of Piura for the planning, execution, and monitoring of a portfolio

As requested by SAVIA Perú, and in collaboration with officials from the regional government, a portfolio of projects was built for Talara, Paite y Sechura (provinces). For each selected project, we proposed a work plan that established the different activities and deadlines that the technical assistance team should perform activities and meet deadlines to support the solution of bottlenecks in the management cycle of each project.

Regional Development Plan for the Ichuña district

The objective was to align actions undertaken by public entities align with those of other stakeholders, to avoid an inefficient use of resources and a duplication of efforts. With the project, the interests and initiatives of various stakeholders were articulated, short-term problems were identified, and efforts became more focused on common objectives. Altogether, the results of this project allow for a greater political, technical, and financial viability of the programs and projects that are formulated within the framework of development planning.


Kiteni and Kepashiato Development Plan

As requested by TGP, we developed plans, one for each of the villages located in Cusco’s jungle area. The secondary information that was used mainly corresponded to the 2007 National Population and Housing Census, and the primary information was collected in the area under analysis. 

Each development plan consists of an assessment of the sector in question, and of the problem to be solved. Within that framework, the objectives, strategies, and specific projects to close the identified gaps, are developed. The plans also include a road map and guidelines to accomplish a successful implementation of the projects that the affected population ranks as highest in priority for the improvement of their living standards, both in Kiteni and Kepashiato. 

Study on growth with social inclusion from within the mining sector

A group of mining companies requested an analysis of the problems generated by the mechanisms of distribution and spending of mining taxes. We confirmed that the existing tax regime (GEM and IEM) did not take into account that the distribution of canon and royalties, to a certain degree, neglected the areas of direct influence of mining projects considered in the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment that were not included in the concession area. This situation was offset by PMSP (Mining Program Solidarity with People) resources.

Our proposals would allow, on the one hand, mining companies to develop all stages of business in a climate of social peace; and secondly, the State in partnership with the private sector to improve the quality of life and promote sustainable development of the population in areas of mining influence.

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