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Analysis and evaluation of interventions

Design of public policy proposals

We analyze public policies and develop recommendations that focus on fostering economic development and reducing market distortions. These studies require a profound understanding of how the sector being analyzed works, the identification of bottlenecks that hinder the development or achievement of policy objectives, the review of best international practices, and the measurement of the effects of policy alternatives.


Design of the management model of the rural water supply sector

AC Publica redesigned the existing model to provide drinking water and sanitation services in rural areas of Peru. The advisory of AC Pública consisted in the formulation of a comprehensive model to ensure a sustainable provision of water and sanitation services to rural areas. Thus, we elaborated a detailed assessment that described the current situation of the quality of the service under study, identifying its core problems and their causes. Taking into account these factors and the dimension of their effects on service quality, we developed recommendations to improve relevant policy guidelines, and suggested the implementation of management models that varied according to the characteristics of each locality.

To carry out this advisory, we used information collected through surveys and we developed in-depth workshops and interviews in several regions of the country.

Many of the proposals elaborated by AC Publica are now successfully being implemented by the sector, contributing to the lives of thousands of families in the rural areas of the country.

Design of the National Policy for the Modernization of the Public Administration and its implementation strategy by 2016

We designed the National Policy for the Modernization of the Public Administration, a proposal that was approved by the Presidency of the Ministry Council in Supreme Decree 004-2013-PCM. This policy establishes the components of the results-based public administration scheme, and determines the guidelines to be followed by public entities, ministries, and administrative systems as a means for the State to meet citizens’ demands and to become increasingly modern, efficient, decentralized, and inclusive.

Development of a methodology for the estimation of infrastructure gaps until 2018

At the request of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), APOYO Consultoria designed a methodology to estimate the gaps in public infrastructure and services in several sectors, including water supply and sanitation, transportation, and education. The designed methodology was used to estimate the gaps in the 2014-2018 period. The methodology will be used by the MEF to do its own calculations in other sectors

Qualitative evaluation of the Pension 65 program

As requested by the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion, we developed a qualitative evaluation of the Pension 65 program, in which public officers involved in the program at central and local levels, as well as eight beneficiary rural villages and their families, participated. Through in-depth interviews and workshops, we successfully gathered information regarding the main changes experienced by the beneficiaries in terms of living standards since they started receiving the grant, as well as the problems faced by the program and the beneficiaries, to grant and receive the pension, respectively. With the analysis, it was possible to conclude that the main effects of the program are related to improvements in nutrition, greater access to medicine, and improvement of household conditions. Among the main problems identified, we found the difficulty in collecting pensions due to logistic restrictions and deficiencies in the program’s targeting mechanisms.

Design of the implementation strategy for the Economic Inclusion in Rural Areas Fund (FONIE, for its acronym in Spanish)

We elaborated a policy paper about public investment management and the design and structuring of a fund for economic inclusion in rural areas, which included a proposal for the management, financing, regulation of such fund. In addition, we designed specific tools and mechanisms for the proposed management model, in order to adequately implement the regulations and ensure the effective use of FONIE  resources.

Track record

Proposal to implement the “Chatarreo” Plan for public transportation vehicles

As per the request of Pro Transporte, we proposed the strategy for the implementation of the Chatarreo Plan, which seeks to gradually remove older public transportation vehicles operating on routes that overlap the Metropolitano (the bus-based transportation system). The proposed plan includes a differentiated lump-sum transfer for each type of vehicle, and target withdrawals of at least two-thirds of rural vans, minibuses, and buses older than 15 years. We noted that the success of this plan relies largely on the value set for such transfers.

Technical Opinion on the complaint filed with respect to alleged bundling of the “Speedy” service and telephone lines

The study, requested by Telefónica del Perú, analyzed the arguments presented by the telecommunications regulator (Osiptel) with respect to possible anticompetitive behavior in the form of tied-in sales of fixed telephone and Internet access services.

Development of guidelines to promote investment in infrastructure in Peru: 2012-2016

This analysis aimed at providing policy recommendations to facilitate and promote the development and execution of investment in infrastructure in Peru during the 2012-2016 period. To this end, we analyzed the status-quo of infrastructure in Peru – nationwide and by regions, for 10 economic sectors - and compared it to other countries in the region. In addition, we evaluated the likelihood of infrastructure gaps in Peru being covered with public investment by 2016, and proposed policy measures to promote investment in each of the sectors under analysis.

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