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Organizational design

Organizational design

Work is undertaken jointly with clients on key organizational aspects to support the business strategy:

  • Design of governance model and corporate functions.
  • Integration of organizational structures.
  • Expansion of the business nationally and internationally.
  • Organizational design to support new business.
  • Operating restructuring.

In addition, advice is provided on the implementation of proposed changes for the purpose of contributing to its start-up and smooth operation.

As for public institutions, under the public sector modernization approach, we optimize the client’s organizational structure as well as the processes it carries out for the provision of public services. This requires the diagnosis and redesign of the organization, its processes, and management tools, in line with best international practices and the client’s specific needs.

Restructuring processes require a comprehensive review of the organization’s objectives. At the same time, the size and scope of the different divisions within the organization need to be determined, as well as the number of workers required in each division and their corresponding profiles (i.e. the qualification requirements for professional, technical, and administrative personnel).

Our process optimization advisory reflects several reengineering approaches, all of which seek better results for the organization.

These projects are carried out in four stages: analysis of required activities, evaluation of existing processes in the value chain, adaptation of organizational structures, and analysis of the organization’s legal framework.


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