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Organizational design

Organizational design

Work is undertaken jointly with clients on key organizational aspects to support the business strategy:

  • Design of governance model and corporate functions.
  • Integration of organizational structures.
  • Expansion of the business nationally and internationally.
  • Organizational design to support new business.
  • Operating restructuring.

In addition, advice is provided on the implementation of proposed changes for the purpose of contributing to its start-up and smooth operation.

As for public institutions, under the public sector modernization approach, we optimize the client’s organizational structure as well as the processes it carries out for the provision of public services. This requires the diagnosis and redesign of the organization, its processes, and management tools, in line with best international practices and the client’s specific needs.

Restructuring processes require a comprehensive review of the organization’s objectives. At the same time, the size and scope of the different divisions within the organization need to be determined, as well as the number of workers required in each division and their corresponding profiles (i.e. the qualification requirements for professional, technical, and administrative personnel).

Our process optimization advisory reflects several reengineering approaches, all of which seek better results for the organization.

These projects are carried out in four stages: analysis of required activities, evaluation of existing processes in the value chain, adaptation of organizational structures, and analysis of the organization’s legal framework.

Private sector experiences

Public sector experiences

Proposals for improvement to the regulation of organization and functions of the SUNEDU

The regulatory framework of SUNEDU was reviewed and workshops and interviews were held with officers at the operational and managerial level to identify and propose improvements to the organizational design and functions of new and existing units, focusing in specialized production units to facilitate the articulation and achievement of the expected results in the institutional value chain.

Drafting of the Regulation on the Organization and Functions of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MINAGRI)

We analyzed the current functions of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation as well as the existing ROF, within the framework of the Law of Organization and Functions of the Ministry of Agriculture. The resulting new ROF enables the MINAGRI to meet the requirements of the National Policy for the Modernization of Public Management and to contribute to the strengthening of agricultural development in Peru, as national authority in charge of national and industrial policies on agricultural matters.

Study for capacity building for the exercise of the governing and sanctioning role of the Executive Branch

The objective of this study was to identify the existing problems for the exercise of the Executive Branch’s governing and sanctioning role. To this end, we identified opportunities for improvement in the development of responsibilities and functions matrixes, based on the analysis of value chains. We also identified the problem associated to the measurement of capabilities at the subnational level, relevant for the transfer of responsibilities and functions to such level of government. Following this analysis, we developed recommendations for the assessment of existing capability gaps. Additionally, we identified and proposed mechanisms and incentives that were subsequently implemented by the central government level to ensure the compliance with policies. Finally, we analyzed the sanctioning powers of the governing bodies of the Executive branch, and formulated policy recommendations.

Project for the strengthening of DEVIDA (National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs)

As requested by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), we identified the institutional strengthening needs of DEVIDA, mainly concerning its leading role in the implementation of policies, programs and activities within the framework of Alternative, Integral and Sustainable Development (DAIS). For the development of this project, we used the available secondary information, as well as primary information collected from 33 individual and group interviews, 3 participatory workshops, and an electronic survey in Lima and other 3 selected regions. Participants included DEVIDA officials, the national and subnational governments, among other key DAIS stakeholders.

Based on the identified needs, we proposed recommendations that were feasible and implementable by the entity and/or international cooperation agencies.

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