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Analysis and evaluation of interventions

Economic contribution studies

In the case of investment projects and business operations, we estimate macroeconomic impacts (on economic activity, employment, fiscal accounts, balance of trade, etc.) through quantitative techniques (differences–in-differences, the economic multipliers methodology), and qualitative approaches (in-depth interviews, focus groups, and participatory workshops).


Evaluation of the benefits of shopping centers in Peru

As part of a study requested by the Peruvian Mall Association, APOYO Consultoria identified and estimated the benefits generated by malls for regions and local communities in Peru. Moreover, we analyzed the direct impact of malls on their areas of influence and on the Peruvian economy in 2012.

Estimation of the economic contribution of the soft drinks industry in Peru

The study was requested by the Peruvian Soft Drink Industry Association (Asbega, in Spanish) in order to identify and estimate the economic contribution of their activities in recent years, in terms of value, quality, and environmental management.

Economic Impact of the South Andean Gas Pipeline Project

We estimated the potential benefits of the South Andean Gas Pipeline and its related natural gas projects at national and regional levels. We evaluated the impacts on GDP, employment, trade balance, savings for natural gas consumers, and energy security.

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