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Works for Taxes (WfT)

Pre-investment studies (SNIP)

We advise both government entities and social investment funds of private companies in the design, development, and monitoring of pre-investment studies at the profile and feasibility levels, within the framework of the National Public Investment System (SNIP, for its acronym in Spanish). In order to do this, we use best practices and tools (participatory workshops, demand studies, cost analysis, etc.) in the preparation of studies so that the projects represent a real solution to the problem they aim to solve.

AC Publica advises clients in the following assessments for the completion of the study:

  • General aspects: include the project definition, its institutional framework, and frame of reference.
  • Identification: we develop a thorough diagnosis of the problem to be solved, the corresponding problem tree, and the project’s approach, and then identify alternative solutions.
  • Formulation: we assess the supply-demand gap and undertake the technical analysis of the alternatives. In addition, costs at market prices are estimated.
  • Evaluation: We carry out social and private evaluations, and analyze the project’s sustainability, management, environmental impact. The logical framework matrix is also developed.

AC Publica has developed specialized training plans for formulating investment projects under the guidelines of the National Public Investment System, and with the "learning by doing" approach. The training course allows participants to develop a real case of project formulation, so that they "learn by doing" their own investment project.


Development of pre-investment studies in Cajamarca                                                                                              

As requested by Yanacocha, we developed 44 investment profiles for water and sanitation services projects in the towns of Chamis, Huambocancha Alta y Baja, Porcón Alto y Bajo, Río Grande, and Tual, of the district of Cajamarca. These profiles were developed according to the regulations of the National Public Investment System (SNIP, for its acronym in Spanish).

Technical support for subnational governments of Ancash in the implementation of social and productive infrastructure

As requested by Antamina, we developed pre-investment studies at the profile and technical file levels for 84 infrastructure projects and 16 productive projects in the Ancash region. These comprised the restoration and new construction of infrastructure such as schools, health posts, roads, highways, irrigation canals, water supply and sewage systems, rural electrification, as well as several production projects.


Investment Program for ACCEDE

We developed an investment portfolio for the Modernization Program of the Justice Administration System (ACCEDE), composed of a set of investment initiatives that would address each of the factors that determine the problem identified as central. These proposals include the approximate cost for implementation. In addition, the impact of these interventions on the Justice Administration System was proposed. The investment portfolio consists of 45 projects that amount to US$ 102 billion. Its scope covers the eight entities that compose the System and its area of influence is the entire country.

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