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Works for Taxes (WfT)

Comprehensive management of WfT

We advise private companies on the use of this tax deduction mechanism, which allows them to execute public works and deduct the investment from their income tax. We provide guidance on all stages of the process until the recognition of the invested amount.

The WfT mechanism is a type of public investment that allows a private company to finance and implement public infrastructure projects that have already been declared as viable under the National Public Investment System (SNIP). Through the implementation of this mechanism, these companies contribute to the improvement of living conditions and competitiveness of their areas of influence, their relationship with stakeholders, as well as their corporate image. Thus, with this procedure, the public sector enables larger, faster, and higher-quality investments with high social impact

AC Publica advises clients in the following steps of the WfT mechanism:

  • Planning of the project management.
  • Engagement of the appropriate suppliers for project implementation.
  • Follow-up and counseling activities until the signing of the agreement and management of public competition process organized by the regional or local government to select the company that will finance the public works.
  • Construction execution
  • Issuance of the Certificate of Regional and Local Public Investment or the Certificate for National Public Investment (CIPRL or CIPGN, for the acronyms in Spanish, respectively).


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