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Investment portfolios


AC Capitales SAFI undertakes investments in infrastructure in several sectors, such as:

  • Energy: electricity generation, transmission and distribution
  • Transport: highways, railways, tunnels, bridges, ports, airports, public transportation systems
  • Water supply and sanitation
  • Social infrastructure: health, education, reformatory and public administration facilities.  

These investments typically present the following attributes:

  • Stable and predictable, long-term cash flows, with prices indexed to inflation
  • Capital-intensive
  • High barriers to entry; usually in regulated markets and, in some cases under a monopolistic regime
  • Provision of public services
  • Low volatility in results and limited correlation with economic cycles.

AC Capitales SAFI develops and executes these investments in partnership with experienced and knowledgeable operators, suitable for each investment. The track-record and in-depth industry expertise of AC Capitales SAFI, places it in very competitive position to create investment opportunities for the infrastructure funds under its management, in partnership with the main operators and strategic investors in the market.

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