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Business Advisory Service (SAE)


Business Advisory Service (SAE)

The Business Advisory Service (SAE) of APOYO Consultoria provides thorough and up-to-date analysis of the Peruvian economy, its business environment, as well as its main opportunities and risks.

Subscribers to SAE are entitled to participate in meetings, receive written material and advisory services from APOYO Consultoria’s staff members.

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35 years of experience as the leading economic analysis service in Peru.

Over 300 leading companies are clients.

More than 500 executives from the top Peruvian companies participate in monthly SAE meetings.

Clients’ sales account for more than the third part of Peru’s GDP.


SAE offers its subscribers the opportunity to meet with other top executives from the business sector and other institutions, while sharing APOYO Consultoria’s analysis and viewpoints concerning the most relevant topics of Peru’s business environment".

• Monthly meetings:
Executives from APOYO Consultoria and their special guests deliver concise presentations about the most important current issues relating to politics, economics and the business sector. These meetings are preceded by breakfasts or lunches, where clients interact and strengthen their professional networks.

• Annual convention:
APOYO Consultoria presents its vision of the business environment for the next two years. Prestigious international analysts are included among the speakers.

• Special meetings with governmental authorities:
Ministers and other public institutions’ representatives involved in Peru’s economic activity present their main policy guidelines and address questions from participants, without media presence.


Advisory services

Tailor-made advisory services from SAE team members to support clients in their strategic decision-making processes.

• Corporate presentations: 
Delivered by specialists from APOYO Consultoria upon a client’s request.

• Consultation services:
Specific opinions and viewpoints from the SAE team on the main economic and business issues are made available to subscribers upon request.


SAE provides its subscribers access to the most important and up-to-date information on Peru’s economic and business environment.


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