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Regulation, antitrust and experts’ economic opinions

Analysis of regulated industries

We promote the design of regulatory improvements in regulated industries such as energy, health, telecommunications and transportation infrastructure. Likewise, it evaluates the economic impact of existing regulations and provides evidence for the development of new regulations seeking to optimize their benefit.


For more than 10 years, the Economic Consulting team of APOYO Consultoría has received commissions, both from Peru and internationally, to improve the design of the regulatory framework for regulated sectors such as energy, telecommunications and transport infrastructure. With the support of a solid theoretical base, we have analyzed the opportunities for improvement in the regulatory scheme or we have demonstrated the possibility of applying the same regulation more efficiently.

On the other hand, we have also evaluated the regulatory impact of various standards (projects or in force). Specifically, under the RIA methodology, the Economic Consulting team has generated evidence to discuss the need, effectiveness and proportionality of various regulations. In this line, it is verified that the objectives of the standard seek to solve a problem that manifests itself in reality and the contribution of the measure to the elimination of the problem and the costs or externalities that arise from its application is calculated.

Specific cases:

  • Implementation of a cost methodology that allows to efficiently estimate wholesale and retail rates in the Nicaraguan telecommunications market.
  • Evaluation of the fishing rights proposal based on economic income.
  • Effects on society of the application of a Selective Consumption Tax to sugary foods.
  • Evaluation of the chain of administrative procedures linked to administrative procedures to open and operate a mine in Peru and proposals for its simplification within the framework of the Regulatory Quality Analysis (ACR).


Economic analysis of priority drugs in Peru, marketed by Peruvian Pharmacies

Commissioned by InRetail Pharma, APOYO Consultoría carried out a study to evaluate the behavior of Peruvian Pharmacies vis-à-vis consumers and competitors in recent years; based on an analysis of the evolution of the price level, the stocks generated and the entry of new competitors to the pharmaceutical market.

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