Our History

We have over forty years of consulting experience in Peru, backed by a team of multidisciplinary professionals with extensive experience and expertise in an array of sectors.

In 1977, Felipe Ortiz de Zevallos founded APOYO.

In 1982, we created the Business Advisory Service (SAE). In 1986, we held the first Annual SAE Convention.

In 1985, we launched our inflation index (IPA).

In 1988, the Economic Consulting unit was created to handle public policy projects.

In 1994, we established our affiliates APOYO Consultoría, APOYO Comunicación, APOYO Opinión y Mercado, Grupo APOYO, Instituto APOYO, and APOYO Gestión Operativa, which operate independently using their own corporate models. In 2007, Ipsos acquired APOYO Opinión y Mercado.

In 1994, we formed the APOYO Finanzas Corporativas unit. Up until 2002, this unit participated in Peru’s most important privatization processes in partnership with N. M. Rothschild.

In 1996, we formed the Management Consulting unit. By 2019, the unit had completed over five hundred business strategy projects in twelve countries across Latin America.

In 1997, we created the Public Management unit, which became our subsidiary AC Pública in 2007. This business would be discontinued twelve years later, in 2019.

In 2002, we established AC Capitales SAFI, our investment fund management subsidiary, which was awarded the contract for the multi-family real estate investment fund (FIMI).

In 2002, we introduced antitrust and regulatory practices in the Economic Consulting unit.

In 2004, we created the APOYO Consultoría and Ipsos Perú Consumer Confidence Index (INDICCA), which remains the benchmark indicator today.

In 2009, we moved from our original location at “La Casita” to our current building on Avenida Armendáriz.

In 2018, the Grupo APOYO was dissolved and APOYO Consultoría became an independent firm.

In 2020, we launched APOYO Analytics, our unit specializing in advanced analytics solutions.

In March 2023, Felipe Ortiz de Zevallos, our founder, leaves the presidency of the board of directors and his position as partner in APOYO Consultoría. See his tribute here.

In December 2023, Geoffrey Cannock leaves his position as partner at APOYO Consultoría after leading the Economic Consulting area for more than two decades. See his tribute here.

A Message



Gianfranco Castagnola

Managing Partner – CEO

At APOYO Consultoría, we are proud to share our expertise with our clients through our business advisory services, provided with high standards of quality, professionalism, and discretion, leveraged on our understanding of different businesses and industries.

Our work is built upon our team of professionals and over forty years of experience as a firm in the Peruvian market. Our work is shaped by a true vocation for service and our commitment to Peru and its development.


“Knowing how to decide” is the promise and raison d’être of APOYO Consultoría. This means having the ability to bring together all the elements required to analyze a problem or opportunity, and to use the right tools and appropriate criteria to process, identify, and rule out options so that we can finally make a confident decision about the best path to follow. Through our six business units, we help keep that promise.

In Numbers

Our strengths are a guarantee of excellence for the services we offer.

+ 40

years in

+ 3100

studies and

+ 996

clients in
recent years

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Global and local reach through strategic alliances

+ 160

team members

with high ethical and professional standards

Top 5

in reputation

One of the top five consulting firms with the best corporate reputation in Peru, according to the Corporate Reputation Business Monitor (Merco).