AXPEN is a consulting service that combines economic and legal analysis with human management trends to improve the decision-making of human resources leaders in large companies.

It emerges as an innovative and specialized initiative, supported by the solid experience and knowledge of Vinatea & Toyama and APOYO Consultoría, which contribute significantly to cementing the trust and credibility of AXPEN in the market, positioning it as a reference brand in the field of consulting. strategic and human resources management.

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AXPEN is a membership focused on helping human resources leaders make informed strategic decisions, through reports and presentations with an exclusive analysis of the economic, labor, business environment and human management trends.

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Our credentials

Our strengths support the excellence of our service:

  • We offer a rigorous economic and legal-labor analysis with human management trends.
  • We know the regulatory environment, the latest risks on this front and the best strategies to address them.
  • We have more than 60 years of combined experience in strategic consulting and human resources management.
  • We have extensive sector experience backed by a deep understanding of the outlook, trends and opportunities in more than 20 economic sectors.
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Our clients

AXPEN is aimed at CEOs, directors, general managers, managers and heads of Human Resources areas, managers and heads of Administration, Legal and Regulatory Compliance areas, senior management advisors, business owners and people who make decisions about human resources in your company.

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Economic experts

José Carlos Saavedra

Partner and principal economist
APOYO Consultoría

Piero Ortiz

Proyect coordinator
APOYO Consultoría

Andrea Sotelo

Senior analyst
APOYO Consultoría

Labor experts

Jorge Toyama

Vinatea & Toyama

Claudia Ramirez

Vinatea & Toyama

Ricardo Valdiviezo

Head of Research & Development
Vinatea & Toyama

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human management leaders of more than 80 companies

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HR leaders

attended the first AXPEN Meeting


years of joint experience

in strategic consulting and human resources management