Using the client’s data, we carry out projects that create value in terms of building customer loyalty, cross-selling/upselling, dynamic pricing, and process optimization.

Forward-looking risk models

Forward-looking risk models are a powerful tool for companies in the financial system, which makes it possible to identify extreme but possible scenarios in order to capture the impact of economic cycles on the different market segments.
We add value to the implementation of these models through the use of robust statistical techniques in the construction of the models and a rigorous validation process.

Building Customer Loyalty

Using a predictive model, we detect early warnings of customers leaving and help companies define effective retention actions that are sustainable over time.


We use our knowledge of the business, the integration of internal and external data, and the application of optimization algorithms to determine the price scheme that best maximizes the company’s revenue or earnings.


We develop product recommendation algorithms based on customer preferences with the goal of maximizing their basket of goods.


Javier Tabata

Business Consulting

Ángel Guillén


Luis Chacón

Senior Associate


La Victoria Lab
Supermercados Peruanos
Universidad Continental
Clínica Internacional
Pesquera Centinela
MEF Panamá
Innova Schools

Rafael Montoya

General Manager

Pesquera Centinela

The APOYO Analytics team has helped us strengthen our value levers using data analytics to identify growth opportunities and create a roadmap that has enabled us to implement the study’s recommendations.

Santiago Muñoz-Nájar

Planning and Finance Officer

Dolce Capriccio

APOYO Analytics has been an important ally in our digital transformation process. They have helped us construct business indicators and identify value creation opportunities using our data. We have been able to work together as a single team.

Angel Verástegui

Energy Specialist

responsAbility Investments AG

The APOYO Analytics team did an outstanding job with the data and its analysis, offering answers and suggestions regarding questions I wanted to have answered and even questions I never expected to answer. I also value their ‘digestible’ results, which were presented in an organized, easy-to-read way. Their team is young, efficient, and effective. It’s a new way of providing consulting services that eliminates the one thing we all want to avoid: long, boring reports.

Giuliana Montañez

Market Research Manager


In APOYO Analytics, we have found an ally who meets our strategic needs. Of particular importance has been the expert perspective they bring to the data, seeking answers to our business questions. The methodologies and/or solutions delivered have given us a broader perspective and opened new pathways for analysis.

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