“In complex circumstances such as these, the APOYO Consultoría SAE is our strategic ally. They provide us with information that is up-to-date but above all timely. Our experience has been extremely satisfactory because information is the most important input in our decision-making.”

Rosa Higa

Chief Administrative Officer
Caja Ica

“We hired APOYO Consultoría because we know they do diligent, high-quality work, whether with research or any other tasks with which they are entrusted. Their reputation is a guarantee of credibility wherever you go. Not only are they a trustworthy company, but everyone knows it. The experience and skill of each of the company’s members allows them to gain a full understanding of what the client needs and go above and beyond, using creativity and pragmatism to maximize the value of their consulting services. Overall, the most important benefit APOYO Consultoría provides is the ability to make ‘tangible’ or demonstrable things that can sometimes seem relative or vague, and that makes a difference in any field.”

Juan Carlos Belaunde Cabieses

Director of Corporate Affairs and Social Responsibility Social
Grupo Gloria

“For years, I worked on reorganizing our corporate group to adapt to today’s new reality. One day I was in a meeting, and someone just happened to recommend the team from APOYO Consultoría. That was one of the best things that has happened to me in the last few years. We have put together a new strategic plan that is aligned with our new reality and it’s beginning to bear fruit. I can’t thank the business consulting team from APOYO Consultoría enough for all the work they have done. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.”

Francisco García Calderón P.

Grupo Euromotors

“The APOYO Analytics team has helped us strengthen our value levers using data analytics to identify growth opportunities and create a roadmap that has enabled us to implement the study’s recommendations.”

Rafael Montoya

General Manager
Pesquera Centinela

“APOYO Consultoría stands out for its top-level team, high-quality work, and its ability to meet even the tightest deadlines. Thanks to the team’s excellent technical skills, the learning curve is quick, which helps to streamline the work, especially when it involves complex topics. I think it’s very important for a consultant to just follow client’s instructions, but to propose other ways of tackling the same problem or evaluating the situation. The added value provided by APOYO Consultoría is that they help us look for solutions and present us with alternatives that we have oftentimes failed to identify ourselves.”

Carlos Magno Jobim

Lima Expresa

“We implemented a new governance model for our corporate group with a view to giving the business units greater autonomy and efficiency. This allowed us, in turn, to significantly reduce the corporation’s size in terms of employee numbers and costs by making it into a holding company. To achieve this, we sought out the services of APOYO Consultoría, who accompanied us throughout the process. This required a work team that could implement the necessary changes without affecting the companies’ continued operation, and they succeeded in doing exactly that with complete professionalism.”

Ignacio Prado

Former CEO
Grupo El Comercio

“The reputation and diligent work of APOYO Consultoría gives us peace of mind when it comes to the quality of the deliverables and the knowledge that external agents will trust the objectivity of the results. In addition to working to understand the context in which we operate and co-designing projects with us to make them more robust, APOYO Consultoría has given us the tools we need to objectively demonstrate—in different forums and to different audiences—key aspects about our operation which people sometimes talk about without truly understanding them.”

Hernan Malpartida

Director of Corporate Affairs
InRetail Pharma

“The APOYO Analytics team did an outstanding job with the data and its analysis, offering answers and suggestions regarding questions I wanted to have answered and even questions I never expected to answer. I also value their ‘digestible’ results, which were presented in an organized, easy-to-read way. Their team is young, efficient, and effective. It’s a new way of providing consulting services that eliminates the one thing we all want to avoid: long, boring reports.”

Angel Verástegui

Energy Specialist
Responsability Investments AG

Business Advisory Service (SAE)


Through our Business Advisory Service (or SAE, for its acronym in Spanish), we offer the most relevant and timely analysis of the Peruvian economy and the business environment to help clients make better decisions.

With over forty years of experience, SAE sets the standard in terms of independent economic analysis in Peru.


Expert Studies


We guide companies through the entire arbitration process with our objective and precise technical and economic analysis, effectively defended by our experts.

Our team has participated in over forty arbitration proceedings.


Mergers and
Acquisitions (M&A)

We provide advice on processes for the purchase and sale of companies. We have been involved in over twenty-fivesell-side and tenbuy-side transactions.


Strategic Planning


SWe are experts on the development and implementation of strategic planning that enables our clients to achieve tangible results.

Our team of strategy experts has developed over 180 strategic plans and has more than twenty years of experience in an array of sectors.


Insight Analytics

We perform advanced analytics projects on market segmentation, optimal business locations, and demand and price forecasts.

We have performed over thirty projects for Peru’s top companies and institutions.


Investment Funds

We create value in real estate and infrastructure investments.

We have executed over forty exits with excellent returns for our investors.


APOYO Consultoría

We are recognized as one of the companies with the best reputation in Peru.

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