The SAE offers the most relevant and timely analysis of the business environment in Peru. We have thirty-five years of experience and over 300 client companies from fifteen economic sectors, with a turnover equal to one third of Peru’s GDP. Over 550 executives make their decisions with the help of the SAE.

The service comes with a subscription that includes participation in meetings, advice, and reports from the APOYO Consultoría team.

What do we do?

SAE Monthly Meetings

We connect you with your business environment:

  • Monthly meetings
  • Annual convention

What do we do?

SAE Specials

We connect you with the most important topics in your sector and the business environment as a whole:

  • Special SAE
  • Special SAE with government officials

What do we do?


We provide you with relevant information on the business environment:

  • Economic Outlook
  • Political Outlook
  • SAE Markets
  • SAE Report


José Carlos Saavedra

Partner and Principal Economist
Business Advisory Service (SAE)

Hugo Santa María

Partner and Chief Economist
Business Advisory Service (SAE)

Víctor Albuquerque

Director of Industry Analysis
Business Advisory Service (SAE)

Donita Rodríguez

Head of Macroeconomic Analysis
Business Advisory Service (SAE)

Iván Portocarrero

Head of Industry Analysis
Business Advisory Service (SAE)

Pablo del Águila

Head of Research
Business Advisory Service (SAE)

Camila Bozzo

Head of Political Analysis
Business Advisory Service (SAE)

Francesca Forga

Commercial and Marketing Director
Business Advisory Service (SAE)



private financial entities

active in the country, including the five largest banks


of the 5

largest insurance companies


mining companies

from among the largest in the country


of the largest consumer

goods companies


of the top retailers


foreign companies

with business in Peru

Gerardo Freire

General Manager


Our experience with SAE has been highly satisfactory, at both the macro and market levels, in keeping with a long tradition of working side-by-side with Cosapi.

Rosa Higa

Chief Administrative Officer

Caja Municipal Ica

In complex circumstances such as these, the APOYO Consultoría SAE is our strategic ally. They provide us with information that is up-to-date but above all timely. Our experience has been extremely satisfactory because information is the most important input in our decision-making.

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