Code of Ethics

At APOYO Consultoría, we know that integrity is our biggest asset. Every person at the company is expected to behave in accordance with the highest standards of personal and professional ethics, thus guaranteeing our ability to continue running our business in accordance with these standards.

A Vocation for Truth

In our line of work, it is crucial for the data we process to be truthful, accurate, timely, and valuable to ensure our ability to offer an objective, intelligent analysis of the context and a consistent, transparent opinion.

Commitment to Society

Through our activities, we aspire to promote economic growth, ensure respect for the Constitution and the law, uphold democratic politics, and aid in the development of representative civil institutions and cultural values that foster individual initiative and a shared consciousness in the members of the societies where we are active, especially in Peru. We thus support our employees’ full participation in civic, educational, and social activities, as part of their overall rights as private citizens.

High-Quality Service

We seek to provide each one of our individual clients with a personalized service that is responsible and sensitive to their needs, while offering reliable results. We strive to continuously innovate so we can fulfil market needs, adapt our organization to technological developments, and achieve excellence in each one of the products and services we provide. We work hard to continuously improve the usefulness, timeliness, precision, synthesis, and style quality of our reports, and we guarantee the confidentiality of all information and knowhow obtained through specific jobs. APOYO Consultoría provides an independent opinion free from the influence of any power groups.

Professional Development

We strive to foster an environment in which all of our employees can develop as professionals, free from discrimination of any kind, helping them to succeed in making the most of their potential. We stimulate both individual creativity and group work to maintain a suitable balance between our company’s unity and identity, on the one hand, and the autonomy required to maximize innovation and efficiency, on the other. We offer each one of our workers a precise set of objectives, an impartial performance evaluation, ongoing training and education, and recognition and remuneration to reward their contributions in achieving corporate objectives.

Employee Responsibility

Our team members work to make the organization’s objectives and policies their own, assuming more and more responsibility in identifying opportunities and solving problems and doing their best to increase the growth, prestige, and profile of APOYO Consultoría. We seek to act in a way that sustains and increases the trust placed in us by our clients and the market. Our employees consider it their duty to recognize mistakes and possible conflicts of interest, while avoiding situations that may harm the company’s reputation.

Team Spirit

Every person’s inspired work is stimulated by an atmosphere of camaraderie, mutual respect, integrity, courtesy, and fair treatment, which also helps ensure an environment with room for humor and the ability to be self-critical. We foster open and sincere communication among all our workers, encouraging individual initiative without neglecting the importance of sharing experiences to boost intellectual and cultural development, as well as a growing spirit of cooperation and self-realization in the workplace.

Company Growth

We work hard to achieve consistent growth and attractive profit margins rooted in the creativity and innovation of our employees, excellent positioning in the markets we serve, and the ability to make the most of our comparative advantages in an environment marked by friendly competition, austerity and efficiency in the use of available resources, and the continuous growth of APOYO’s prestige as a leading information services company with the expertise and ideas needed to drive the integral development of Peru and its surroundings.

Our Role as Guiding Light

As part of our purpose of being a guiding light in Peru when it comes to providing valuable information for better decision-making in strategic, corporate, and institutional contexts, as well as promoting the wellbeing of society as a whole, we share our outlook and analysis of national current events and seek to contribute to economic debate in the country.

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AC Opinion

Our look on current national issues.

They are opinion notes that analyze current national issues and make recommendations. Its objective is to contribute to the discussion and debate of public policies in the country through an objective and timely analysis. The notes are published fortnightly and are disseminated through our website, social networks, mail and WhatsApp.

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AC Evidence for the Debate

Statements of principle that propose general guidelines for action to solve a problem.

In August 2021, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the first edition of Evidencia AC was launched for the debate on the safe return to face-to-face classes.

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Round Table: Peru in the 21st century

Space for technical discussion between experts from different fronts, convened and developed by El Comercio and APOYO Consultoría

We contribute to the diagnosis of relevant problems for the development of the country, as well as to the debate on realistic and executable solutions.

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Diversity and Inclusion

We aspire to promote the professional and personal growth of all employees, without any discrimination, in a meritocratic environment that allows them to fully develop their potential. We work hard to create inclusive, discrimination-free spaces that guarantee the hiring and development of individuals regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, opinion, background, religion, economic status, or any other condition.

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Environment and Sustainability

In our Sustainability Report, we provide information on our performance in good corporate governance, environmental, and social matters.

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