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Approval of the project of the new labor code would be a hard blow for the labor formalization

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  • Opinión APOYO Consultoría


    Our view on current national issues.

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  • For the people, what belongs to the people


    En el marco de un nuevo intento del Gobierno por poner sobre la mesa un cambio constitucional, compartimos este artículo de José ...

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  • APOYO Consultoría proposes four measures to alleviate external shock due to price increases


    José Carlos Saavedra, partner and chief economist at APOYO Consultoría, talks with El Comercio about four proposed measures that would ...

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  • Business prospects for CEOs in Peru 2022


    Leonidas Cuenca, project director of the Business Consulting team at APOYO Consultoría, comments on the main findings of the first ...

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