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Business Advisory Service


Business Advisory Service

Strategic decision-making

We assemble all the elements required to analyze a risk or opportunity.

Professional team

Our team has sophisticated technical skills, is passionate for their work and has the highest professional and ethical standards.


We have successfully carried out more than 2,600 studies and advised more than 650 clients in the past five years


We are considered the leading advisory firm in Peru

Local networking

APOYO Consultoria is the most highly recognized and profitable local consulting firm.  


  • The economy is better, but there is still no reason to celebrate



    "Growth is still driven by few engines"...

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  • The Trojan horses of the radical left


    "The proposal of a new Constitution seeks to [...] open those locks that have so well protected us for the last ...

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  • Financial advisor in the sale of Duraplast


    APOYO Finanzas Corporativas, area of ​​APOYO Consultoría that provides investment banking services, advised Duraplast in the sale of all operating ...

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  • 2019: Global Weakness



    "The lower growth of the main economies will press down the prices of our export products...

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Business Advisory Service (SAE)

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Our team members are creative and passionate about their work, and bound by the highest professional and ethical standards.

Do you want to be part of a great team?