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APOYO Consultoría

APOYO Consultoria is the leading firm in business advisory services in economics, finance, business and public administration


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Technocracy as a scapegoat


"It is a mistake to presume that this technocracy has not worried about social...

La protección frente a las malas políticas


"There are few things that do more harm to the vulnerable population of a country...

Risk prevention in the quebrada Huaycoloro


The Authority for the Reconstrucción con Cambios approved a financial request of Works by Taxes for the...

The Management Consulting area of APOYO Consultoría carried out, so far in 2017:


Ten studies identifying business opportunities and growth...

Agricultural Innovation Programs


APOYO Consultoría's areas of Applied Economics and Public Management have initiated two studies for...

Is there really room for optimism?


"Let´s hope that this crisis has taught the Executive and the Legislative the risk of walking in the edge of the abyss ", writes Gianfranco Castagnola, Managing Partner of APOYO ...

How to address the low growth environment?


Companies today have the opportunity to continue improving their efficiencies before economy regains the growth rate.

Interview to Hugo Santa María


"The economy will have a rebound in 2018 and will feel stronger in Lima and the north...

Interview to José Luis Escaffi


José Luis Escaffi, partner of APOYO Consultoría, spoke with the SHAMBAR Empresarial program about...

Se necesitan más ministros con visión


“En el corto plazo el gasto público es la única herramienta disponible de política económica que puede revertir el estancamiento que sufre ...

Preventing disaster risks


The Public Management area of ​​APOYO Consultoría will advise Backus in the execution of the Project for Prevention of Disaster Risk in the Quebrada de San Idelfonso, through the mechanism ...

Internationalization potential of SMEs


The Applied Economics area of APOYO Consultoría won a competition called by the Ministry of Production to carry out the consultancy "Diagnosis of the potential of SMEs to insert themselves ...