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APOYO Consultoría

APOYO Consultoria is the leading firm in business advisory services in economics, finance, business and public administration


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The slow demolition of the model


"The risk of populist initiatives at the microeconomic level in the next Congress is high"...

New upward pressure on the exchange rate?


"A new risk for global growth has emerged: the rapid spread of the coronavirus" ...

Pensions, again


"In Peru, only a quarter of the PEA is affiliated with some regime and less than half quotes regularly"...

Some tax policy lessons


"In the last 5 years, the fiscal policy's impetus to the country's growth has been zero”...

Entrapped economy


"Who can take important steps is the business sector, to rebuild its relationship with citizens"...

APOYO Consultoría is a great place to work


APOYO Consultoría has been recognized again as one of the best companies to work in Peru for Great Place to Work Institute ®...

Sol: a stable currency?


"Like other currencies, the sun has also depreciated in this period, but at the lowest rate among the countries of the Latin American region"...

Interview to Gianfranco Castagnola


"We do not see economic growth on the agenda"...

What Peruvians scream for


"The population demands, among other things, better public services, combating corruption and crime"

From frustration to pessimism?


"The Chilean crisis does have a direct impact on Peru's political agenda ...

An uncomfortable reality


“The pace of current economic growth is mediocre”...

Merco's Ranking 2019


We are proud to have entered the ranking of the best corporate reputation consulting companies in the country...