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APOYO Consultoría

APOYO Consultoria is the leading firm in business advisory services in economics, finance, business and public administration


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Evaluation of the Development Program of Solid Waste Management Systems



The Public Management area of ​​APOYO Consultoría, commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment, will prepare the final evaluation of the...

Domino effect?



"The debt level of emerging economies amounts to 28% of global debt...

Sector Analysis Forums for SAE clients



On October 3rd and 4th, the Sector Analysis Forums were held: Perspectives of the mining, energy and infrastructure sectors...

Financial advisor in the sale of a company of the El Comercio Group


APOYO Finanzas Corporativas, area of ​​APOYO Consultoría that provides investment banking services, advised the El Comercio Group in the sale of 100% of...

Special breakfast with the president of Indecopi


Ivo Gagliuffi, president of Indecopi, has accepted our invitation and...

Evaluation of the New Natural Gas Residential Supplies Program



The area of ​​Applied Economics of APOYO Consultoría has won a competition organized by Osinergmin...

A critical look at private companies


"Young people perceive that there is an asymmetry between the power of companies and that of consumers...

The challenge of improving the policy of minimum wages in Peru


“Changes in the minimum wage should consider variations in productivity and...

Indicators for the environmental information system


The area of Applied Economics of APOYO Consultoría, is developing a study to stablish the base indicators of the environmental information system...


State media



"State advertising can also contribute to a more competitive media market by preserving freedom of expression...

Recovery with expiration date

"This is the worst moment to indulge in complacency...

Divestment of the Real Estate Fund 1


The Real State Group LAR concluded in August the purchase of the property Depocentro- possesion of the Real State Fund 1 of AC Capitales SAFI...