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APOYO Consultoría

APOYO Consultoria is the leading firm in business advisory services in economics, finance, business and public administration


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Quality of expenditure of the Peruvian State


The area of ​​Applied Economics of APOYO Consultoría, commissioned by Unicef, carried out a study on the quality of the expenditure...

Exhibitions in seminar and congress


Vincent Poirier-Garneau, partner of the Applied Economics area of ​​APOYO Consultoría, presented at the Seminar on merger control and free competition...

Business confidence strongly affected by political climate


"APOYO Consultoría estimates that the growth rate of PBI this year will be just 2.2% and with the risk of a weak start in 2020"...

Uncertainty that kills


"To the already deteriorated local political environment of the first semester the proposal of advancement of elections has been added"

La abdicación de un gobierno de transición


"The less bad scenario is to let go of the president who does not want to govern and the Congress that won the rejection of citizenship"

APOYO Finanzas Corporativas leads the TTR ranking


APOYO Finanzas Corporativas (AFC), area of ​​APOYO Consultoría that provides investment banking services, leads the ranking prepared by Transactional Track Record (TTR)...

Reduce the use of cash in Peru


“It is considered that the substitution of cash by digital means to carry out transactions is a good practice”

Opportunities that do not take advantage


"These are conditions that favor the rise of private investment" ...

The stigmatization of growth


"In the years of growth, close to one million Peruvians per year came out of poverty, today 200,000...

The great opportunity of the change of Chinese model


"The change of model in China presents a golden opportunity"...

Interview to Gianfranco Castagnola


"There is a sensation of not seeing light at the end of the tunnel", affirms Gianfranco Castagnola, managing partner of APOYO Consultoría, in an interview for Perú21...

OxI for improvements in fire stations


The Public Management area of ​​APOYO Consultoría obtained the viability of the profile-level study...