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APOYO Consultoría

APOYO Consultoria is the leading firm in business advisory services in economics and finance.


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Opinión APOYO Consultoría


Our view on current national issues.

“More than 90,000 [outsourced workers] could lose their jobs”


35% of businesses that would have employees "in conflict" with restrictions on the hiring of outsourced personnel, according to a survey by APOYO Consultoría. In an interview with El Comercio ...

Should antitrust policy play a role in fighting inflation? Considerations from a Latin American perspective


Vincent Poirier-Garneau, partner at APOYO Consultoría and leader of the Economic Consulting unit, and Andrés Caro, senior associate at Economic Consulting, analyze whether competition authorities should intervene in the market ...

The Government believes that the State is a loot


Gianfranco Castagnola, partner and president of APOYO Consultoría, spoke with Peru 21 about the risks that are looming for the country in an environment marked by the proliferation and resurgence ...

For the people, what belongs to the people


En el marco de un nuevo intento del Gobierno por poner sobre la mesa un cambio constitucional, compartimos este artículo de José Carlos Saavedra, socio y economista principal de APOYO Consultoría.

APOYO Consultoría proposes four measures to alleviate external shock due to price increases


José Carlos Saavedra, partner and chief economist at APOYO Consultoría, talks with El Comercio about four proposed measures that would help calm the external shock due to price increases.

Business prospects for CEOs in Peru 2022


Leonidas Cuenca, project director of the Business Consulting team at APOYO Consultoría, comments on the main findings of the first edition of the annual study "Business Perspectives of CEOs in ...

Rare and orphan diseases: How many doctors can diagnose them in Peru?


Miguel Figallo, project director of the Economic Consulting unit of APOYO Consultoría, comments on the findings of the study on the situation of patients with rare and orphan diseases (ERH)...

There is immense concern because the government of President Castillo is very bad


Gianfranco Castagnola, executive president of APOYO Consultoría, makes an evaluation of the management of the current government and how it will impact the performance of the economy in the coming ...

Agricultural price ranges


Geoffrey Cannock, partner at APOYO Consultoría and leader of the Economic Consulting unit, questions the announcement about greater use of price bands for imports of agricultural products...

Interview with Andrés Caro in Gestión


Andrés Caro, senior associate of the Economic Consulting unit of APOYO Consultoría, comments on the results of the study * carried out by APOYO Consultoría that concludes that the press market ...

Is it a good time for the Peruvian company to seek internationalization?


Clive Ramsey, manager of the Business Consulting unit of APOYO Consultoría, and Leonidas Cuenca, director of Business Consulting projects, comment on some experiences of Peruvian and multilatinas companies that show ...