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APOYO Consultoría

APOYO Consultoria is the leading firm in business advisory services in economics, finance, business and public administration


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Politics, the main risk


"Very quickly, politics has become the main risk for the economy in 2018 ...", writes José Carlos Saavedra, chief economist.

Acuerdos mínimos para no detener y continuar con las reformas


“Todos queremos que el Perú progrese de manera integral y sostenida, con mayores ingresos, equidad, libertad y democracia”, escribe...

APOYO Finanzas Corporativas: a leader in business advisory services in Perú


APOYO Finanzas Corporativas has been recognized in the Leaders League ranking...

OxI: inauguración de la Escuela Técnica Superior de la PNP


Se inauguró la Escuela Técnica Superior de la Policía Nacional del Perú en Trujillo, como parte del proyecto gerenciado...

Success in soccer and good management


"We hope that the effort of structural reform that the FPF has undertaken will be sustained, that we will continue...

Strengthen the Sunedu


"In the reform of the higher education sector the role of the Sunedu is crucial," writes Raúl Andrade, project director of...

Desinversiones del Fondo Inmobiliario 1


El Fondo Inmobiliario 1 de AC Capitales SAFI, subsidiaria de APOYO Consultoría, ejecutó la desinversión de las oficinas, estacionamientos...

Panama lessons


"At first glance, it seems that there are few things we could have in common...

Who will feel the recovery?


"After three years of low dynamism, the peruvian economy is...

Financial advisory services to Minsur


APOYO Finanzas Corporativas, the business unit that provides investment banking services of APOYO Consultoría, advised the...

Technocracy as a scapegoat


"It is a mistake to presume that this technocracy has not worried about social...

La protección frente a las malas políticas


"There are few things that do more harm to the vulnerable population of a country...